We passionately pursue and discover the benefits that nature offers,
    and share these precious gifts with the world,
    promoting health and wellness that enriches our lives.
    As a successful leader in the wellness industry,
    with trust, cooperation and diligence,
    we contribute to a healthier world that will endure.
    Provide the gifts of wellness and beauty to the world by bringing the best of nature to humankind.

      ECONETians make the world a better place by offering not only wellness products,
    but also happiness with a mission to find the best clean, honest, and natural gifts
    and to help everyone on earth live a life of health and happiness.
Lead the natural products-based wellness industry with the best of nature through the science of incorporates.
  • ECONET finds solutions
    for total health of humankind
    through science in nature.
  • ECONET aims for a virtuous cycle
    between human and nature,
    and business and society.
  • ECONET is creating a community
    where all can share purpose, dreams,
    and happiness together.
  • ECONET Holdings incorporates
    companies that can share the ECONET
    Vision and leads this corporate
    network wisely.
Passionate people believe in others and the world, and achievements borne out of passion and trust lead to sharing.
With passion, trust and sharing, we promote health in people, and in the world.
    Passion is an attitude of affection for and pride in our
    work and values, as well as tenacity for achieving our mission.
    Trust in working relationships is
    respect and care for oneself and colleagues.
    Sharing is the joy of our labor
    and responsibility for our society.
    Health and wellness is the purpose of our work,
    the beginning and end goal of ECONET.
The ECONET Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”) covers a wide range of business practices and procedures for ECONET, Inc. and its subsidiaries. The summary outlined below indicates our commitment to the basic principles that guide our actions as employees and the Board of Directors. We always refer to the full code for compliance purposes.
Summary of Commitment
  • Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations
    We will obey the law, both in letter and in spirit, as the foundation on which this Company’s ethical standards are built.

  • Conflict of Interest
    We will avoid any “conflict of interest” or even the appearance of conflict in which our personal interest conflicts with
    the interest of the Company as a whole.

  • Corporate Opportunities
    We will not take advantage for ourselves of personal opportunities through the use of corporate property, information,
    or position without the consent of the Board of Directors.

  • Competition and Fair Dealing
    We will support the Company to seek to outperform competitors fairly and honestly and seek competitive advantages
    through superior performances.

  • Discrimination and Harassment
    We understand the diversity of the Company’s employees is a tremendous asset and we are firmly committed
    to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment.

  • Health and Safety
    We will strive to provide each employee with a safe and healthy work environment and accept our responsibility
    for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.

  • Record-Keeping
    We will commitment to honest and accurate recording and reporting of information for the purpose of making
    responsible business decisions.

  • Protection and Proper Use of Company Assets; Confidentiality
    We will endeavor to protect the Company’s assets and ensure their efficient use.

  • Payments to Government Personnel
    We will abide by the provisions of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other U.S. regulations.

  • Waivers of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
    We understand that a waiver of this Code may only be made by the Board of Directors.

  • Reporting any Illegal or Unethical Behavior
    We will report any observed illegal or unethical behavior and any perceived violations of laws, rules, regulations, or
    this Code to a supervisor, manager or the Company’s General Counsel.

  • Compliance Procedures
    We will ensure prompt and consistent action against violations of this Code.