ECONET Holdings
ECONET is a global corporate network with the finest expertise in all areas of the natural product wellness
industry covering raw material planting and harvesting, research and development, manufacturing and
production, and retail sales and distribution. ALOECORP plants and harvests; UNIGEN leads scientific research; NATURETECH manufactures quality products; and UNIVERA distributes those products to consumers. ECONET HOLDINGS is the investment and holding company of ECONET, a global network consisting of these subsidiary companies. As of the end of 2022, ECONET has fourteen corporate operations in six countries.
  • 2020
  • 2010
  • 2000
  • 1990
  • 1980
  • 1970
The 2020s 
ECONET contributes to the health and happiness of humankind
through natural wellness products and services.
  • 2021
    • ECONET Aloe selected as the World Class Product for the 16th consecutive year
The 2010s 
ECONET is a pioneer
in the global wellness industry based on natural products.
  • 2018
    • ALOECORP Mexico begins development of a new aloe farm and production facility in Campeche, Mexico
  • 2015
    • ECONET pledges to practice Ethical Management
  • 2014
    • ECONET acquires Best Family Friendly Management Certification
    • HILLTOP GARDENS recognized as the first commercial Aloe vera farm in the USA
  • 2013
    • ECONET sponsors Creation of Aloe Pharmaceuticals (CAP) Symposium to celebrate our 20th anniversary
    • ECONET proclaims ECONET Credo and amends Core Values
    • Chairman Bill Lee honored by Korea Health Supplements Association (KHSA) with the Merit Award
  • 2011
    • ECONET dedicates a memorial to the twelve Korean Independence Activists including An Jung-geun
    • The Wisdomplace, a Hall of Wisdom for ECONETians, is opened
    • ECONET opens the ECONET Archives
The 2000s 
ECONET establishes a specialized network of companies in the natural product
wellness industry and dedicates itself to products that go from “Farm to Family.”
  • 2007
    • Bill Lee takes office as chairman of the Korea Health Supplements Association (KHSA)
    • Namyang changes its name to NATURETECH
  • 2006
    • Namyang Aloe changes its name to UNIVERA
  • 2005
    • Completed construction of ECONET CENTER
      (ECONET’s Headquarters)
  • 2003
    • ECONET Aloe selected as the World Class Product by Korean Ministry of Commerce,
      Industry and Energy
    • Develops Univestin®, a specially formulated,
      plant-based patented dietary supplement composition for joint health
  • 2002
    • World Economic Forum selects Chairman Bill Lee as an “Asian Young Leader”
  • 2001
    • Chairman Bill Lee inducted into the IASC Hall of Fame
  • 2000
    • Set up ALOECORP CHINA in Hainan Island, China
    • Chairman Bill Lee takes office as chairman of the International Aloe Science Council (IASC)
    • Korean business units NAMYANG ALOE, NAMYANG, and UNIGEN are spun off as own companies
    • Life Science Research Institute of UNIGEN Korea opened
The 1990s 
ECONET expanded into the natural products market based on its leading aloe science.
  • 1998
    • NY931 and NY932, active ingredients discovered by ECONET, are patented
  • 1997
    • Late Chairman Yunho Lee honored with a Posthumous Award of the Moranjang Order of Civil Merit by the Korean government
  • 1996
    • Founded UPI (dba UNIGEN), a company specializing in natural biotechnology
    • Bill Lee takes office as ECONET president
  • 1995
    • ECONET receives International Aloe Science Council (IASC) certification for its Aloe finished products and raw materials
  • 1993
    • Launched the 1st CAP (Creation of Aloe Pharmaceuticals) Project
  • 1991
    • Held the 1st International Congress of Phytotherapy
The 1980s 
ECONET became a leading company in the world aloe market.
  • 1989
    • Established Gonzalez Farms in Mexico
    • Founded the Aloe Research Foundation
  • 1988
    • Korea Health Supplements Association (KHSA) founded
    • Yunho Lee takes office as first chairman of KHSA
    • ALOECORP USA founded
    • ECONET joins the IASC
  • 1985
    • Namyang Aloe launched Alo-X Gel, Abomin tablet and Abomin powder.
  • 1984
  • 1981
    • Korea's largest aloe farm (Banwol farm) opened
The 1970s  
ECONET initiates the beginnings of the Korean aloe industry.
  • 1976
    • Experimental aloe farm is successful for the first time in Korea.