Opening of the Wisdomplace, a hall of wisdom of ECONETians (August 4, 2011)

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The Wisdomplace as a hall of wisdom for all ECONETians worldwide opened. The Wisodmplace was established with the purpose to expand the depth and width of wisdom and thoughts of ECONETians and provide joy and happiness to communicate with nature. It boasts of the beautiful scenery situated on a hill around the Solyonoe Lake in Russia farms of UNIGEN-RUS. The Wisdomplace is composed of a two-floor main lodge and two of one-floor small lodge on the ground with a land area of a total 33,000m2. The total construction area is 401m2 and the floor area is 731.2m2. There are eight twin rooms, a meeting room, a living room, and a dining room which can hold 25 people.