CAP (Creation of Aloe Pharmaceuticals) Symposium (April 2013)

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CAP (Creation of Aloe Pharmaceuticals) supported by ECONET, has marked its 20th anniversary by holding a symposium under the theme of “New Horizon of Aloe Studies: integration with wellness for the upcoming twenty years.” “It is twenty years since CAP started in 1993 with the objective of “developing new medicine through systematic and scientific studies on the healing effects of aloe” ... For the past two decades, its numerous achievements include the registration and application for 12 cases of patents, the publication of 25 academic papers, and the commercialization of 7 health functional food including MAX-P and Level-G … The passion of researchers of CAP, combined with the continuous moral and financial support of UNIVERA, resulted in these notable achievements. It is a shining example of academic-industrial cooperation.” (Young In Park, Chairman of the Steering Committee of CAP, Dean of College of Pharmacy at Korea University)