ALOECORP set up a new Ceiba farm in Campeche, Mexico (April 2018)

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ALOECORP obtained 333 ha (823 acres) of farmland in Campeche, Mexico, in March 2017 and completed to set up an aloe farm in April 2018. The new farm was named Ceiba Farm after the Ceiba trees, which are considered sacred by the Mayan in Yucatan. Aloe planted on 30 ha (74 acres) of the farmland in 2018, grew well thanks to its high-quality soil and abundant groundwater resources, and the aloe harvest began in early 2019. More aloe will be planted on 70 ha (173 acres) in 2019. Production facilities are being built at 30-mins away from the farm with the goal of completion by the end of 2020. Campeche farm and production facility will serve as the bridgehead to the Central and South American markets in addition to the North American and European markets.